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TBT from last year’s fourth of July. 

I can’t believe I’m finally going to be living in the same city as this guy!

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The Great Evangelical Divorce →



A palpable shift within Evangelicalism has been happening over the last two weeks. Conservative and Progressive Evangelicals have been raising their war cries against one another. While each side is sure of where they stand, I’m convinced that neither side understands how they got to…

I don’t know if I completely see eye-to-eye with all of Brian’s conclusions but its a fairly comprehensive and well thought out analysis of the schisming going on in the Evangelical world.

I personally DO think its possible to retain a more conservative hermeneutic and still arrive at an affirming conclusion.

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"I find it so ironic as a Bible teacher that the Savior of the world boiled down the kingdom to such a simple formula while me and mine exegete everything within an inch of its life. When I get bogged down, I always remember Jesus: Love God and love people. There you are. Do this and you will live. The end."
Jen Hatmaker
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"When you start your life as a third culture kid, it turns out you just keep looking for it and it keeps looking for you."
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"I’ve moved on average every three to four years, it’s a way of life written into my DNA, stamped on my passport and echoed in the chambers of my heart."
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Evangelicalism has turned into Chicken Little running around with its head chopped off squawking that the sky is falling. Seriously. Have you seen how outraged people are about “Noah” the movie?? omg. There must be nothing else in the world worth being outraged about…. oh wait. Unless its the gays.

In the words of Peter Enns, “I am growing weary of ‘I strongly disagree with you’ being equated with the ‘Gospel is at stake’ culture-war-dive-off-a-cliff vibe.”

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"But I hope they know that there are many of us at World Vision who are progressive allies, who had been glad of the original decision, who watched the Evangelical response in shock and horror, and who mourned over the board’s need to revoke their decision. Many of us are wearing purple at the office today in support of our gay colleagues, friends, and family."
WV employee (via Tony Jones)
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"Perpetuating the lie that issues of human sexuality are somehow central to Christian doctrine, only ensures that our collective eye will remain firmly off the ball. Let’s simply reflect on the weight of God’s word: The poor and needy are mentioned 400+ times, while homosexuality gets a paltry two mentions (four, at most). Let’s at least agree to order our own lives and ministries according to God’s clearly stated priorities. For a day or so, it looked like World Vision US was taking the lead in doing this. Who would dare now to have that kind of courage?"
Rev. Dr. John D’Elia (via Tony Jones)
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Does anyone else feel like discussions of biblical texts on blogs and facebook often look like Tumblr chains of really weird fan fic? Just sayin’. 

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Missouri lawmaker introduces bill to repeal marriage ban →


Rep. Mike Colona, an openly gay state representative in Missouri, has introduced a measure that would repeal his state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

An overwhelming 71% of voters approved the marriage ban in August 2004. But times are changing everywhere, and the marriage equality movement is gaining at least some momentum even in Missouri; eight married same-sex couples from around the state filed a lawsuit last month for their marriages to be recognized.

“HJR 85 would allow the citizens of Missouri to vote on not just a repeal of the ban on same-sex marriage, but also to allow the State of Missouri to embrace marriage equality,” said Colona.

“Much has changed since this discriminatory measure was passed in 2004. Every single one of us has had friends, family and colleagues who have come out to their loved ones and been denied a basic right afforded to all of our citizens – the right of marriage,” he said.

Go Missouri! 

Missouri, its time!

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